v1.1.1 is released! This version includes some minor gameplay tweaks, but is heavy on bug fixes.

The gory details:

Shadow of the Wyrm v1.1.1 "Campion"
- Version declared June 12, 2019.  Version finalized July 16, 2019.

- Recharging a wand now gives a very small number of charges, with extra
  charges possible from high Wandcraft skill.

- When checking to see whether the player can eat something, the check
  is now vs. the internal numerical hunger level, and not the more
  general hungry/stuffed/etc.  This will allow you to eat food while
  stuffed as long as it doesn't take you over the maximum satiation.

- Moved Catara further up Telari.

- Intimidation now also considers opposed creature levels in its
  calculation (Nules).

- The chance to automatically score a hit has increased to 5% (was 2%).

- Reduced the maximum chance to hide when there are creatures nearby.

- Multi-map areas like Carcassia can now have NW/NE/SW/SE exits,
  accessible at the edges by using the respective direction.

- Bows made by Bowyer are a little bit better (Grond), and items can
  now be smithed/crafting-improved, on average, as much as they can
  also be enchanted.

- Dealing damage now has a chance to reveal you, if hidden (Grond).

- Tweaked the minimum danger level calculation - this used to vary
  wildly, and the minimum is now closer to the maximum, meaning you
  should get creatures closer to your level.

- Boughs can now be used to make a wand, if you don't havea a branch

- Lua errors now dump tracebacks for easier bug-chasing.

- Stanzas for "Tel and Floridel".

- New items: amulet of the sea.

- Bug fixes:
  - Some dead code was causing string substitution issues in the weapon
    synopsis message (Blue).

  - There were issues with the carrying capacity calculations (Rob     Ayres).

  - It was possible to bypass all the available options at character
    creation via the windows key, allowing for a raceless, classless,
    skill-less, godless, water-breathing, flying glitch-character

  - A number of items weren't properly classified as plants/herbs.
    - Plants and herbs weren't included in the keyboard-based filtering     ('#') because the code was only returning the first matching item     type.

  - When pit opponents killed themselves (e.g. via stunning), the
    player wasn't being teleported out of the arena (Grond).

  - There were some inconsistencies in quest descriptions (Yan Zhang).

  - Removed a door in the middle of the air in the tower at Wintersea
    (Yan Zhang).

  - Ancient beasts' generation wasn't considering depth, so they were
    being found far too early, in places such as wells in towns.  They
    were also being generated in places other than underworld maps,
    which was not intended (Grond).

  - Ranged weapon attack difficulty calculations were incorrectly
    using the values from a creature's melee weapons.

  - Snakeling warriors started with both a long spear and a buckler,
    despite long spears being 2H.  Snakeling warriors now start with a
    spear (Grond).

  - The definition of the shop in Isen Dun was too wide, triggering the
    message about leaving with unpaid merchandise in unexpected places

  - Scything was buggy and could lead to crashes in certain situations

  - There were some general bugs around hiding that meant that the longer
    you were hidden, the more likely you were to stay hidden permanently,
    until you went on to the world map (Grond).

  - Wands with spells that didn't require targetting were always taking
    a range of 1, and were not reflecting the range of the underlying     spell (Grond).

  - The Lua API function for teleporting to a specific location could
    cause crashes if there was already a creature present there (Grond).

  - You can no longer switch places with creatures when it would put them
    on a dangerous tile (open air, etc) (Grond).

  - Malediction was causing the game to freeze (Grond).

  - Fixed a freeze when moving on to a map where the target tile was
    covered by a blocking feature such as a statue (Grond).

  - Ancient beasts weren't appearing properly in some types of areas due
    to some old code that kept incrementing the danger level down until
    creatures were found (Grond).

  - Fixed some script errors when attacking turtles and luring them off
    the track (Grond).

  - Cleaned up some internal code around Lua error handling.

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