v1.3.2 now available

This version has a number of bug fixes, but also includes some nice little updates: there are now kilns, and clay (which can be found anywhere, but particularly adjacent to freshwater), which you can dig up and bake at kilns to create all kinds of things - clay pots (practical!), clay shot (deadly!), as well as fire bombs and shadow bombs, if you have the right components. Fire bombs are made from clay and magici shards, while shadow bombs require primordial essence. This is a new item which drops randomly from creatures dealing shadow damage or knowing primordial spells. It deals a bit of damage on its own, e.g. when slung, but is more effective when encased in clay, which breaks apart in a shower of shards on impact.

There are also, if you're interested, hair and eye colour selection screens. These can be enabled via swyrm.ini, but are off by default.


Shadow of the Wyrm v1.3.2
Jun 13, 2021

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