v1.2.4 - lots of fixes and quality of life improvements!

Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.4  didn't quite make it in for October as I'd originally planned, but there's a reason for that: an absolute wealth of reported issues and suggested features made this release about 25% larger than my usual monthly-ish releases. Draining and ethereal damage flags are more useful, crumbling now extends to stone items and features such as altars (which the divine may not like!), and kicking an open door will slam it shut. The world looks a little bit different, too, as evergreen trees now have their own unique sprite.

But apart from these, there is also a huge number of bug fixes, including a major crash bug. Hirelings will be better at following you, unintelligent creatures can no longer work doors, and many other improvements.


Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.4
Nov 01, 2020

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