SotW 1.2.0 - sprites, at last!

Very pleased to announce that the latest version of Shadow of the Wyrm, v1.2.0, is now available. This release represents a major milestone for the game, as it provides full support for graphical sprites, and integrates a 16x24, 1-bit spriteset of my own making.

Over the last four months, I've basically been living in GIMP and creating a number of different spritesheets:

  • creatures
  • items
  • terrain
  • terrain features
  • "system" (magical beams, open/closed doors, and a few other things)

The sprites are fully integrated with the game, and for developers who are interested, these can also be downloaded via my website.  I will update the spriteset each time I update the game itself, and it's my hope that the sprites might prove useful to the wider roguelike and game development community.



Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.0
Jun 20, 2020

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