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Shadow of the Wyrm

Traditional roguelike in the style of ADOM and Omega · By Julian Day


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SotW v1.3.3 is now available
This is a small release with a number of helpful bugfixes, but the new features mostly center around making the game friendlier for multi-user systems and tourn...
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v1.3.2 now available
This version has a number of bug fixes, but also includes some nice little updates: there are now kilns, and clay (which can be found anywhere, but particularly...
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SotW v1.3.0
I'm proud to announce Shadow of the Wyrm v1.3.0 is now available. This version allows the display to be resized (finally!) in tiles mode, procgen names for vill...
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v1.2.8 - familiars, adventurers, parties
The latest update to Shadow of the Wyrm is now available! 1.2.8 adds some performance improvements (world generation should be snappier), but also a number of f...
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Monthly release time! This version has a bunch of quality of life changes, and some minor content changes. You can now pick up or drop all items within the inve...
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v1.2.4 - lots of fixes and quality of life improvements!
Shadow of the Wyrm v1.2.4 didn't quite make it in for October as I'd originally planned, but there's a reason for that: an absolute wealth of reported issues a...
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SotW v1.2.2 - smarter, hireable NPCs
For the last couple of months, I've been working on an update to make NPCs a little more interesting. Previously, NPCs were pretty straightforward: they were h...
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v1.2.1 available now!
After the big sprites release a month ago, I'm releasing 1.2.1, which is some quality-of-life updates and a few other changes. Probably the most notable is that...
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Last post
Greetings! Been enjoying SotW ever since I saw a fascinating post on r/roguelikes about it. I had a few questions that I...
started by jmlemmer Mar 07, 2021
2 replies
Greetings to you, o mighty wyrm-charmer! May I humbly ask, is there any probability of adding graphic tiles (maybe even...
started by Qarradus Aug 15, 2019
3 replies
I've just started playing this and I'm having a lot of fun with it! My first character was doing fairly well until I enc...
started by hbholland Apr 22, 2020
2 replies
This game is really fun, and it's nice to see that the dev is still working on it :). Keep on working on it and making I...
started by DedUnicorns Feb 11, 2020
1 reply
Hey, I really like your game. I tried it a few years ago and am back. I vaguely remember there was a PDF manual but I ca...
started by Tiroq Dec 26, 2018
5 replies