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Shadow of the Wyrm

Traditional roguelike in the style of ADOM and Omega · By Julian Day


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SotW v1.2.2 - smarter, hireable NPCs
For the last couple of months, I've been working on an update to make NPCs a little more interesting. Previously, NPCs were pretty straightforward: they were h...
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v1.2.1 available now!
After the big sprites release a month ago, I'm releasing 1.2.1, which is some quality-of-life updates and a few other changes. Probably the most notable is that...
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SotW 1.2.0 - sprites, at last!
Very pleased to announce that the latest version of Shadow of the Wyrm, v1.2.0, is now available. This release represents a major milestone for the game, as it...
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v1.1.7 - fixes and improvements
v1.1.7 is now available! This version allows shops and beer halls in dungeons, and can generate beer halls in the lower-income quarter of Carcassia as well. Aut...
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v1.1.6 - nothing's changed, a lot has changed
SotW v1.1.6 is now available. This version fixes a number of bugs in previous versions, but the majority of its development time, at least four weeks, was spen...
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SotW v.1.15
I'm pleased to release Shadow of the Wyrm v1.1.5. This is in some ways a very minor release, and also a very major release. In terms of new, visible functional...
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v1.1.2 released!
Shadow of the Wyrm v1.1.2 is now available. This release has some mechanics changes (medicine helps avoid bad statuses, swamps can now generate bog iron used f...
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v1.1.1 is released! This version includes some minor gameplay tweaks, but is heavy on bug fixes. The gory details: Shadow of the Wyrm v1.1.1 "Campion" - Version...